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Book Reviews
50 Years in Space: what we thought then…what we know now, David A Hardy & Patrick Moore, Sterling Publishing, 2006, 112pp, £12.95, ISBN 978-1-904332-60-2 [softback]
6th March 2011

If you put renowned space artist David Hardy and legendary astronomy writer Patrick Moore together, you’d expect something fairly special…and that is what you get with this book. The fact that “50 Years in Space” is based, not on the fifty-odd years of the Space Age, but on the period 1954-2004 is of no concern. It simply marks the period over which (at first publication) the authors had worked together. Following a brief introduction, the book is divide into 25 sections covering the planets and other astronomical objects. In general, the format contrasts the accepted view of these objects in the late 1950s with the evolution of that view towards the 21st century. As the subtitle suggests, it is somewhat autobiographical in this regard. However, with due respect to Patrick’s illuminating text, it is the i...